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And Our Placement Consulting Charge

Our Placement Consulting Charge Is 50% Of First Month Salary.(After 1 Month Complete Of Join Job)

You Agree in Our Terms and Condition After we are arrange your interview.

Our Placement Consulting Charges

Our Placement Consulting Charge Is 50% Of First Month Salary. (After 1 Month Complete Of Join Job)

Our Registration Charges

Fresher & Experienced 1 Year Placement Support (INR 500)

Registration Benefits
  • 1 Year New Job Vacancy Update In Whtsapp And Mail (Daily New Requirement Update In Whtsapp)
  • 1 Year Unlimited Interview

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Terms and Condirions:
  1. I agree to pay the stipulated registration fee to Alwaysbest Enterprise to provide me with job opportunities in the domains of my interest.
  2. I understand that in case of choosing the registration with 1 year validity period, I would need to register again with Alwayasbest Enterprise if I want to continue availing the placement service beyond 1 year. Also I understand that the registration fee might increase or decrease over the year.
  3. I also accepet that the registraion with Alwaysbest Enterprise is non transferable.
  4. I agree to pay a consulting fee to Alwaysbest Enterprise on receiving the offier letter (eighter from Alwaysbest Enterprise of from the company) in an event of procuning a job, through any opportunity provided by them.
  5. I understand that the consulting fee can be a fixed amount or a part of the CTC offered.
  6. I accept that registraino fee and the consulting fee under all circumstances are non-refundable.

  1. I expect that I will be informed about the amount or the bracket of the consulting fee in advance in case of any gap in communicatin it will also be my duty to enquire about the consulting fee in advance.
  2. I assure to inform Alwaysbest Enterprise about the result of any interview/ placement / job opportunity provided through Alwaysbest Enterprise.
  3. In case of defult in paying the agreed consulting fee to Alwaysbest Enterprise, I shall be liable to legal action and my job offer might be withdrawn.
  4. I understand that i will act like an informed and intelligent individual and will verify, judge, and eveluage the information regarding the company before accepting any job offer and will not hold Alwaysbest Enterprise liable for the same.
  5. I agree to receive telephone, email and SMS communication from Alwaysbest Enterprise related to job opportunities, job, search etc.
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